Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Goodie Bags

I just got back from Jean Klock Park, home of the Steelhead Tri. A bunch of us got together to stuff goodie bags for all the athletes. We even had some kids come and help out, how nice is that?! Well, the goodies consist of lots of info/ad papers, a recipe, a towel, socks, key chain, power bar, gu, pen, and gator aid bottle.

It was blazing hot out while we were stuffing bags and the lake sure looked nice, a lot less chop than this morning when I did my open water. The water temp is balmy at 74. I'm leaving my wetsuit home tomorrow for my swim.
I'm hoping that the weather man gets it right and the cold front that is west of us actually gets here in the next couple of days.


marz_racer said...

I am hoping for calm waters and cooler temperatures for this weekends race. I look forward to the goodie bags.

Clot Buster said...

Thank for volunteering and helping out at the race. It is great to see people involved in all aspects of the race. If I don't thank you during the race then come find me after and give me a good kick in the pants!
Next year you will be the one saying Thank You!
Look out for the polka-dots.
Thanks again!