Monday, August 21, 2006

Hills and Mountains

Without hills the earth would be as flat as Nebraska and Kansas, big sky, but not very exciting. We as humans are drawn to these hills. Go west young man, caught the imagination of adventurers in an era gone by. So enchanted are we by hills that they pervade our society, instill patriotism and entertain...we all know the words to John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" and are familiar with those "Purple Mountains Majesty". We glide, slip and slide all over them. We summit fourteeners for fun and we "conquer" Everest.
I was lucky enough to have a training run in Colorado last week. I say lucky not because of the thin air (not cool) or the incredible amounts of bike/run paths available (very cool), but because of those hills. Yes, I know that they are mountains, but I'm also pretty sure that about four billion years ago they were just hills....or under the ocean. See, even mountains must start somewhere, they must begin as something humble, but they become majestic. A transformation of multitude proportions. We are not capable of glimpsing these historical flickers of time, our lives are just too short, but we are capable of creating our own hills...transforming them into mountains.
I ask my self, what hills should I climb today?
Will this hill become my mountain?
Am I Ironman material?


Flatman said...

Awesome post.

trihawg said...

Great insight into the human spirit. Yes, we all have mountains we become and mountains we must climb. Enyoy the climb and picture the view at the top.