Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Three Rivers Tri- Olympic

We drove out to Three Rivers this afternoon to take a look at the course. It is about an hours drive from here. The lake looks nice...Calm waters, which will be a nice change after all the open water workouts I've been doing in Lake Michigan. Some times I just get pounded by the waves and usually I can never bilateral breath because of them ( neck kinks...not fun). The bike and run look very, very hilly. I think I am already psych-ing myself out over all those hills. I know I can ride hills....it's just seeing them that gets to me. I am planning a long hill ride tomorrow to get over some of the paranoia.
My workouts the last couple of weeks have been intense and heavy. I am leaving for Colorado to meet my Mom and niece for a trip to the Bad Lands in South Dakota for a week and I know the only training I will be doing while there is running. I only have three days after I get back before the Three Rivers Triathlon. I should be able to get in one easy bike and swim. I am a little freaked that I won't be ready. I know my training has been good, let's just hope that an early taper is just what I need to finish!


Anonymous said...

what was the swim course like? was it shallow or deep? i would like to come and do the sprint but am not very comfortable in deep water.

kozzy said...

The swim course looked like an easy swim. I'm not sure how deep, but since it's an inland lake it was very calm and "looked" shallow enough.