Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nice Arms

I had a nice short run today with Alex, my middle child. He is conditioning for the upcoming football season. They will actually start the week after next with non-contact practices and then full on practices once school starts after Labor Day. He's been all geeked up about getting back on the field and has been running and strength training everyday for the last two weeks. This kid loves sports, and not just watching them, he has to be out there in the action. I cannot even count the number of games I have sat though watching him play. He is turning into a great sportsman....this has taken years....Alex loves to win and losing makes him very grumpy, or it used to that is. This year was the year of his maturity to a degree, kids are so amazing, he finally learned that losing isn't all that bad if the team still has a good time playing. What??!!! Now it's all about the fun? Maybe some of what we were trying to parent has finally sunk it....could that be possible? I and my family seemed to have gained some interesting things from all this tri-ing.
just to name a few.....And we all don't look too shabby any more either!
I race again second time around.
I think I'm learning that this lifestyle is very addicting....I like it. I like getting up early and watching the sun come up on my runs. I love the feel of the warm lake water and watching the sand beneath me. I like biking alone and feeling like I'm flying. I like when I reach the top of a hill and my legs burn...I know I am doing something...I'm tri-ing


Flatman said...

Nice blog! You guys are a great example to your kids...

Clot Buster said...

Thanks for writing your comment to my blog. NOT A CHANGE THE POLKA DOTS are retiring after the season. They are just going to get some rest and start planning for next year. I hope to be able to do this for as long as I can. The National Allianace for Thrombosis and Thrombophilia (NATT) have a lot of work ahead of them so as long as they are around, the Clot Buster plans to keep at it.
Thank You so much for offering a donation. If you can drop me a line at the following email address and I can give you the details... IRVARGA@AEP.COM
Keep up the training and good luck in your upcoming race!