Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fixed Tire & Flip Turns.....a little bike porn too

There was blood involved, but more on that later.

I'm not really that girly (I hardly ever even wear lipstick) and yes, I knew I could do it. I took the wheel off the bike after disconnecting the problemo. I popped the tire off with the little tool that I have, once again, no problemo. I stuck the new tube in after I had inflated it a little and then put the tire back on the wheel. I did struggle just a little with the last bit of tire over the rim, but my brute force conquered and it went on, no problemo. Then I went to pump up the tire....problemo....the stem was not coming out of the rim far enough and I could not get the pump to attach. I have deep dish rims and bought a puny stem. oops, that won't happen again!

Since today is a swim/bike day I thought I would hit the bike shop before going to the Y. I went to pack up my gym bag and looked at the place where my suit hangs in the suit. This is the actual thought that went through my head..."who the heck took my suit!" I live with two teenage boys who are not going to take my Speedo, ever. My husband is not even in town (like, he would take it, NOT) and my ten year old daughter will not fit in the Speedo probably even when she's forty. What was I thinking?? No one took my suit. I had left it in my gym bag. Since I swam yesterday the suit was wet. Not just wet, but wet and cold. Great, that's gonna feel real nice. I can't wear my old suit cuz it I wore it out and it shows the crack in my behind....yep, that's nice too.

So, I got to the bike shop and got my new tube and some new clipless pedals. Way cool. I love them! See picture above.

I got to the Y and had a great swim. Actually it was just great getting into the water after putting on a freezing cold, wet suit. I was able to swim my main set with flip turns all the way cool is that!! Some of my flip turns are still a little rough, but most are spot on. They are definately teaching me what it feels like to miss that breath and to control my breathing more going into the turn.

Oh yes, the blood. That had nothing to do with the tire, but it had everything to do with the pedals. I seemed to have punched a small hole into the pad of my index finger while trying to remove the pedals on my bike. I think it got pinched in the wrench. Bike pedals are weird. Left pedal is loosened to the right and the right pedal is loosened to the left. Once I got the direction correct the wrench and rubber mallet did the trick and they loosened easily. I am so gonna be a bike wiz this year!

Today was a good workout day.

Flat Tire

My bike has a flat tire.
This might not normally seem unusual, but it's been on the trainer since Christmas. What? Did I run over a toy? Did I hit a dog, cat, kid? Did I run it off the carpet and into the TV?? Nope. It has not moved! Now it has a flat on the front tire.
I picked up a new tube at my local bike shop. I told my devoted husband that I would fix it. Cuz I really need to learn how to fix a flat. Yes, that's right, I have never fixed a flat before. Not even in a car. I know a bike should be easier than a car, but, but... I confess, I'm girly when it comes to tires. Flat tires spook me. I can kill big, fat, hairy spiders, but start to sweat when I have to touch a tire. Go Figure.
I have a bike workout scheduled for today so it looks like I'm gonna have to tackle this tire thing. Wish me luck!