Monday, August 07, 2006

Tri Hawg's first half Ironman

So, the reason that I was about out of my mind at Steelhead, in reference to my two sons, is that their Dad was racing. I was very concered that they would not see their dad finish the race and that I would then have to beat them. Just kidding. Anyways, they did make it after all and the world still turns as it should...and our family is still intact.

I quicky update on Tri Hawg. He did great!!!!! He even got a big fat kiss in T2 :0)
With out going into all the details (about the race, not the kiss)...that's for him to are some highlights. I was extremely thankful when I saw him after the swim! I'm really not ready to lose my sweet husband to drowning. He didn't do that bad! I just give him a hard time cuz I like to swim. He was fast on the bike and looked great in Transition (remember big fat kiss?) The run was good, with a little pain and suffering during the last three miles....but not significant walks. His time was just under 7 hours. Great job Tri Hawg!!! The good news is that his is talking about doing next years race already....yeah!

Unfortunately I won't be volunteering next year.....I'll be racing too!

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nancytoby said...

Just wanted to give you a big THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING from all of us out there that day! And good luck next year!