Thursday, August 17, 2006


We are finally back from our western adventure. We flew to Colorado and then drove to South Dakota with my parents for a few days. We camped at Custer State Park, situated in the middle of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Really beautiful land! We saw lots of buffalo, deer, antelope and wild turkeys. We visited Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial...must see's if your in the dakotas. Truly inspirational.
Here's my little a Junior naturalist at Custer.
Believe it or not, I did get in a few workouts while we were gone. I had a really great long run while in Denver. I ran along Little Dry Creek path which is mostly dirt and runs along a canal. I saw a raccoon and her baby down near the water. It was beautiful looking at the mountains with the sunrise reflecting on them....purple mountains majesty.
It was a really nice trip, but I am glad to be home again.
I only have two more days until the Three Rivers Tri. I'm feeling good, strong and didn't eat too much junk while on vacation. Ready to race.

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