Saturday, October 07, 2006

Notre Dame Football

So, Tri Hawg is at the local supermarket with the Boy Scouts selling popcorn this morning and up walks a gentleman with Notre Dame tickets that he wants to give away. Since none of the other scouts wanted them Tri Hawg snagged them up thinking he would give them to a friend...someone who actually likes Notre Dame. Said friend already had tickets and is going to the game with his son and now we are going with them too.

It should be a fun game, even though Notre Dame will probably beat the pants off of Stanford. We haven't been to a college game since we lived in Colorado and used to go to all the Air Force Academy home games....Tri Hawgs alma mater.

Sometimes things just seem to fall into your unexpectedly. It's a treasure when they are the good things in a game with the one you love...not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

It's a good life.

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