Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It rained all day today.

Alex my middle child and I went to the soccer fields early this morning to meet the team. They are on their way to Chicago for a national tournament. They will be playing teams from all over the country including Hawaii, Florida, and California to name a few. He was pretty pumped up about going. The kids decorated the cars that were making the two hour drive to Chicago with team colors, names and region. About that time the rain started, really it was just a sprinkle. Within a few minutes the sky opened and it really started to come down....all the paint ran and dripped to the parking lot. The kids were still in good spirits, had their pictures taken in new team t-shirts and were ready to hit the road. Me and company are planning on joining Alex on Thursday and Friday for lots of soccer and to be good cheerleaders.

The weather is supposed to clear up and get hot, hot, hot. Perfect midwestern beach weather.

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Clot Buster said...

Dear The road to Tri,

We share in common that our blogs are posted under the Tri Geek Dreams - Triathlon Alliance, that we both do triathlons, and that you will be racing at the Steelhead Triathlon just like I will on August 5th.

I am very much looking forward to that race. Perhaps during the race you will see me my Polka-Dot outfit. If you do say hello, I would love to meet you. It is very neat to see so many people sharing their stories through their blogs. I look forward to possibly meeting you this coming weekend.


Kindest Regards,

The Clot Buster