Monday, July 10, 2006

Baptism by Firecracker

My smiling family
Me and Trihawg--------------------->

The Firecracker Sprint Triathlon was a week ago yesterday. It was a wonderful first and I am still smiling. I still cannot believe what a great time the entire experience was. About half way through the run I said hello and goodmorning to some onlookers and was given the "Cherriest person" award . I could'nt stop thinking that I was almost done and that I was actually going to finish this race. It was a fun day....I am totally hooked.

The waves on Lake Michigan were pretty big. Yes, we've played in them, but never tried to swim in them. After fearing a bout of seasickness, I stuck my head in and swam....I did beat trihawg by four and a half minutes :0)

The bike was good, but the wind on the bluff is brutal. I managed to keep passing a guy on the hills (he would get me on the straightaways) including the last one on the bluff. At that point not only did the wind pick up once again and the rain came a tumbling down. My first time riding in that much rain and wind.

The run, as I have already mentioned, was just fun. I really could not stop smiling.

So, now that I have popped the proverbial cherry....and damn it was good :0)......I have made a list of races for the rest of the summer and fall.


marz_racer said...

Congrats on your first. You won't soon forget it. I don't like to hear about the waves and wind though, I will be racing the Steelhead and don't need and extra challenge.

triathlonmom said...

Love that photo of you and Trihawg, if you didn't have the photo with the kids next to it I'd think that you guys were 25. Congrats on your first race.