Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Pier

Scott and I went to the pier the other day and took some photos.

As you can see, the river is frozen and so is a good portion of the lake.
In the picture above, Scott is standing on the left side pier. The right side pier with the lighthouse is where triathletes jump into the water to begin Steelhead. In the middle is the St. Joseph River.
The lake is frozen so far out that we cannot see waves anymore. We haven't been above freezing in over three weeks now. I am starting to wonder when the thaw will come. As we were on the pier we just three months time there will be kids jumping off the pier into the still fridged water. Last year we saw some kids from the Catholic school come down to the pier and jump, it must have been some rite of passage, they jumped with all their clothes on and had no towels to dry off with. In the end, they were freezing and running around laughing and playing. Oh, the joys of spring....soon.
..we will be out in that lake soon thereafter (with wetsuits) to begin getting used to open water swims again. It's hard to imagine right now with all the ice and snow, but I can't wait to get those open water swims going again.
I pounded out 4+ miles on the treadmill today. I keep thinking more and more about Steelhead and what I want to accomplish. First and foremost, I want to finish. Secondly, I want to finish sub-7. I've got plenty of work to do to make that second goal, but that's half the
I think I have finally chosen a half marathon to do. It's the Sunburst down in South Bend, Indiana in June. Close to home and two months from my A race.
We are off to Colorado tomorrow to visit my mom and then two days of sking. It's been four years since I skied last. I cannot wait! I'll post pics when we get back.


Nancy Toby said...

Whoa! It looked a lot different last summer!!!

Have a wonderful time skiing!!

Wes said...

Sounds like some great plans and awesome goals! Have a great skiing trip and enjoy your mom!

Susan Oseen said...

Hope you have a fabulous time skiing. Can't wait to see more pictures.