Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lake Effect

It stopped snowing yesterday for a few hours....then it started again last night.

It all began on Saturday. The snow started coming down and my kids and I were pretty excited. We had not gotten any snow at all in December and come on, we live in Michigan, so we like the snow. So, like I said, it started on Saturday. By Sunday morning we had 20 inches....did I just say we like snow?? Cuz that's a lot to like! But it never stopped on Sunday either. By Monday it was a no brainer that we had a snow day. The roads were impassable unless you had a four wheel drive. The plows could not keep up with falling snow. Tuesday - snow day - now I've got some really happy kids who aren't even setting their alarms for school. They spend most of the days out side sledding, building forts, throwing snow and then coming in and dumping heaps of sopping wet clothing on the floor. It snowed all day Tuesday. But thankfully Mother Nature in her infinate kindness decided that mother's all along Lake Michigan needed a reprive and the snow stopped at 9pm Tuesday night....and the kids went back to school :0)

It was actually a beautiful day yesterday, clear and unbelievably freaking cold. The roads got cleared pretty well and I saw pavement in some places too.

The kids have school again today, but as you know, all good things must come to an end. Yes, it is snowing again. A lot.

Here's the recap:

Sat-Sun: 20 inches

Mon: 8-10 inches- snow day

Tue: 4-6inches- snow day

Wed: none

Thur: Snowing again-I'm going back to bed

Fri: more snow likely, probably another snow day...I'm not getting out of bed.


Wes said...

Having your kids home a couple of days to play in the snow is fun! But too much of a good thing is bad for ya and Mom and Dad definitely need a reprieve! Gettin any swim time in up there ;-)

Benson said...

You are so lucky. I've been trying to train for a 50K xc ski race while I'm in MN/WI and we are hurting for are the bottoms of my new skis...scrapes and gouges, ouch! I gotta get back to MT. thanks for the welcome comment :)

Mauve said...

Great work.