Thursday, March 01, 2007

Flat Tire

My bike has a flat tire.
This might not normally seem unusual, but it's been on the trainer since Christmas. What? Did I run over a toy? Did I hit a dog, cat, kid? Did I run it off the carpet and into the TV?? Nope. It has not moved! Now it has a flat on the front tire.
I picked up a new tube at my local bike shop. I told my devoted husband that I would fix it. Cuz I really need to learn how to fix a flat. Yes, that's right, I have never fixed a flat before. Not even in a car. I know a bike should be easier than a car, but, but... I confess, I'm girly when it comes to tires. Flat tires spook me. I can kill big, fat, hairy spiders, but start to sweat when I have to touch a tire. Go Figure.
I have a bike workout scheduled for today so it looks like I'm gonna have to tackle this tire thing. Wish me luck!


Nancy Toby said...

"GIRLY"!? Don't insult female cyclists!!!

Learn to do it now and practice, practice, practice. That way when you're doing it on the side of the road some day it will seem easy.

Nancy Toby said...

BTW, just in case it helps your motivation, it was Steelhead last year where I got a flat on course and had to change it to get back to T2! The roads are quite rough in spots!!!

Wes said...

Yes you do! and yes I do!! I have a spare and all the tools. I suppose I'll need to actually try to change one sometime :-) Let us know how it goes and good luck!!

Neese said...

good luck! :)

IM Able said...

Hello. My name is Able and I can't fix a flat. (Hello, Able.)

Yeah, I'm there, too. Although it's my little shameful secret, I still don't know how to fix a flat. It's part of my plan to learn this month. Definitely must learn.