Friday, December 22, 2006

Musician Progeny

Only 3 more days till Christmas!

This time of year is always busy. Add kids to the mix and you might as well block off your entire December calendar a year a head of time.

The end of our busy schedule came to a head last night. The Christmas music recital. This is the recital where you get to be a good parent and sit an hour or more listening to other people's children. Your own child only takes about two minutes to play their piece. This recital used to last upwards of two plus hours until the teacher split the group in two (small miracles are the best). Thankfully, I love Christmas music. It turned out to be a nice program and as always I am proud of my little musicians. Austin played What Child Is This on the violin and Arianna played I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day on the piano, which I have heard about a million times....priceless.

Christmas break has officially begun. The kids are off of school for the next two weeks. I love this we need some snow. It has been pouring rain here all morning! Not very Christmasy. I guess we'll have to start baking to get the spirit flowing...yes, yes, I know...I'll try not to eat too many cookies.

Next week back to training.

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Wes said...

Woo hoo! I like the new blog format! Merry Christmas!!