Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sprained Ankle

If you look closely you might be able to see that my right outer ankle is swelling/blowing up to the size of a golf ball.

One might ask. "How in the heck did that happen!?!" I myself ask the same question.

I was all geeked up to go on a nice long run. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to get close to the lake. To run and see the sun glisten and sparkle like diamonds across the waves, to see the boaters and sun bathers enjoying the day....that was the plan.
I parked on the bluff and crossed over the train bridge to start my run, planning on going plus 6 miles, got the ipod ready and started pounding the trail. Not pounding the pavement, but pounding the trail. A trail the size of a six pack in width. Yes, it's a little narrow I realize this, but the views are incredible and I just love running off the beaten path with no one else around. I got to the end of the trail and turned around. The plan was to continue down the "paved" path, down to the beach, down the pier, into town and then do it all over again...2 loops. That was the plan. Once I had doubled back on the trail my muscles were warming up nicely and my legs were feeling great, this is gonna be a nice run I told myself.
I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I went down. HARD. One moment I looked up and the next I was on my hands and knees and in a lot of pain. The swelling was instant, which scared the crap out of me....I've never seen a body part swell that fast. I pretty much got up/ brushed off and started walking/limping about a third of a mile back to my car. All the while of course trying to assess what the hell just happened and how hurt am I? I was dirty and had road rash on my knees and hurt hands as well. I didn't think that I had any broken bones, but like I said, the swelling was freaking me out. The worst part out of all of this: only 1.7 miles run!!!
I called Tri Hawg when I got to the car. He's still in Florida so he couldn't come pick me up :0( I just needed a loving voice to get me through the car ride. I did almost go to the ER, but just could not stomach the thought of a three hour wait. The next best thing---->I called my neighbor...her husband is an orthopedic handy is that! But he happened to be in surgery...aahrrgg. She did say that she would have him stop by though after work.
Well, the good news is that the Doc says it is a sprain, but not a major one. Yeah! Rest, ice, compression and elevation have been prescribed. I am trying to be a good patient, but I am already sick as all get out of having my foot in the air. That might be easier once Tri Hawg gets home tomorrow!!! ;-)

Back to swimming and biking once the swelling goes down and then run on the least for a while. Doctor's orders.

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Flatman said...

OUCH! Be careful out there...this is the exact reason I shy away from running on trails. Not the fear of injury...the fear of lost training time due to injury.

Get better 8)